005We strive to give care in prevention as annual exams. We practice minimally invasive gynecologic surgery when possible…utilizing laparoscopy or robotic surgery as needed. We take care of all ages in our female population. We do try to give all options of treatment to our menopausal patients including traditional and bioidentical hormone therapy. We perform our own gyn–ultrasound–imaging within the office as needed.

We do have the technology within our office to offer endometrial ablative procedures as Her Option and Novasure. We do in office hysteroscopy, colposcopy, Saline Infusion Sonography, Sono hysterosalpingraphy (FemVue) and cervical LEEP procedures so as to avoid added costs of out patient surgery centers. We do provide a full array of surgical gynecologic procedures. These are predictated on minimally invasive approaches via vaginal or laparoscopic surgery. As mentioned we are robotically trained as use the Da Vinci Robotic System when the surgery requires it. We do not perform terminations of pregnancy.